March Events:

Sun Country Iris Society Show, March 23, 2013 9am - 5pm

visit Sun Country Iris Society for more details and availability.

Things to expect:

Thrips begin to appear in Citrus Bloom. Don’t get alarmed at all those thrips crawling in and around your citrus blossoms. The citrus bloom is the most likely place to see thrips. Thrips vary in color from black to pale yellow. Since they pose no particular threat to citrus bloom, attempts to control them during the blooming season should be avoided to protect the honeybees.

Things to do:

Thrips control in home yard citrus trees is seldom practical or satiisfactorily effective anyway. However, if insecticides are applied, wait until after the blossom drop.

Plant frost sensitive tropical and sub-tropical trees and shrubs. Protect from late frosts.

Feed palms and sub-tropical trees and shrubs with a good all-purpose fertilizer that includes sulfur and iron.

Be aware of insect outbreaks-aphids, spider mites and thrips all become active this month.

Start summer color as weather warms. Plant things like vinca, zinnias, portulaca, angelonia, pentas, and sunflowers.

Cut out any cold damage on tender plants as they begin to show new growth. That will be a good indication of where to cut.

Wait until nights are in the 60 degree range to start sowing seed for summer grasses. If there is a winter grass planted over existing Bermuda grass, discourage the winter grass by cutting it short and allowing it to dry out before resuming water to summer lawn grass.