Things to expect:

feed citrus this month!

Long, hot, dry days mean increased demand on plants water needs. Apply water slowly and deeply enough to wet entire root zone. Mulching helps conserve water.

Birds eat ripening fruit - cover entire tree just prior to ripening period to save the crop.

Citrus will drop marble-sized fruit to self thin the crop. To prevent excessive losses, keep tree care consistent. Feed this month.

Tomatoes, squash, melons and sometimes eggplant may stop setting fruit due to lack of pollination. Bloom set sprays may help. Otherwise, protect ripening fruit from sunburn by shading in afternoon and hope for more fruit to set in the fall.

Insects are active now. Nuisance insects like ants and crickets can be controlled with baits and dusts. Psyllids and spier-mites can attack landscape plants - control with insecticidal soaps or Permethrin applied as a foliage spray.

Things to do:

feed citrus this month!

Protect young tree trunks from sunburn by painting or wrapping them the first summer or two.

Feed lawns every 6-8 weeks with a high-nitrogen lawn food.

Gypsum can help in water penetration - now available in liquid form!

Pull or spray weeds before they go to seed.