Things to expect:

Summer heat stress will weaken all plants as the intensity and duration of hot weather persists.

Root rot - over-wet soil make plants more susceptible.

Sour fruit beetles in ripening figs - pick & discard spoiled fruit

Fungus disease in lawns are most infectous in warm, wet grass. Avoid daily watering and apply moisture in the early am when it will dry off quickly.

Cicadas that buzz in the trees also lay their eggs in branch tips. Some tips may die back when this occurs.

Ants and termites become more active in summer storm season. Use diatomaceous earth, AMDRO or Eight dust to control.

Things to do:

Irrigate to maintain optimum root zone moisture to minimize hot weather stress of plants.

Replenish depleted soil fertility with a mild fertilization.

Minimize duration of wet grass to reduce chances of lawn disease infestation.

Treat palms to prevent bud rot.

Continue to plant veggies such as okra, black-eyed peas, melons, pumpkins, squash and amaranth.

Group potted plants to share shade and help keep soil in pots as cool as possible.