Things to expect:

CHLOROSYS & LEAF DROP of citrus andpossibly other broadleaf evergreens. APHIDS on most landscape and garden plants. SPIDER MITE infestations with spring warm-up and winds. WORMS in VEGETABLE GARDENS. WEEDS, following winter and spring rains. SAPSUCKERS

Things to do:

GET BARE-ROOT transplanting done now. Prune citrus, Bougainvillea and other freeze tender shrubs and trees. Fertilize fruit, nut, and shade trees, shrubs, and vines. Water deeply following fertilizations. Prepare soil for spring vegetable gardens. Prevent winter weeds from seeding.

Plant starts of warm season vegetables to get a head start on production. They may need protection during periods of frosty weather.

Plant spring bulbs such as cannas, callas, gladiolus, and caladiums. Also set out irish potato sets and onion sets.

Feed citrus and deciduous fruit trees mid-month prior to their bloom period.

Select and plant cold hardy trees and shrubs to establish them by summer.

Apply a pre-emergence to non-planted areas to discourage warm season weeds from starting by seed. they are available in liquid and granular forms as well as an organic option.

Later in the month sow seeds for warm season flowers, herbs and vegetables. Watch for birds and insects to be a threat to emerging seedlings-use bird netting and B.T. dusts or sprays to control.